Knight of the Industrial and Commercial
Merit Order


Knight of the Industrial and Commercial
Merit Order

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    Have you ever imagined seeing live how an iceberg is cracking from a glacier in Alaska? Ever wondered how it is to feel the cool air of Greenland or to see the breathtaking sceneries with penguins in South America or Antarctica? The world is full of wonders which just await to be discovered by travelers that dare to dream of: Utah, USA; Antarctica, the mountains in New Zeeland, Kruger Park South Africa or the Himalayan Mountains or cruise the Amazon River.

    Dreams do come true, we are here to make them real!

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    Iron mega structures, towers that scrape the sky, monuments dedicated to love, peace or arts, gardens and belle views of architectural wonders mixed with the aroma of the culinary delights, the noise of the agitated people, the rush and excitement of meeting new places and the feeling of new vibes and smells that fill your soul with joy! Or otherwise described as: Tour Eiffel, Hagia Sophia, Taj Mahal, Beijing or New York… Aromas, vibes and colors all await to be discovered!

    There is a big big city, for every big dreamer just waiting to be enjoyed!

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    Culture is almost always a mystery that awaits to be discovered. Customs, culinary traditions, music, events and festivals, museums and monuments, all bring joy to the mighty tourist that loves to be surprised and mesmerized by the diversity of cultures and populations that Planet Earth has to offer. Discover the 15.000 islands of Indonesia, each with a totally different culture and religion, taste the fabulous French cuisine and champagne in its home, meet the legends of jazz in New Orleans, see how happiness is simple in Cuba or just visit the British Museum.

    Love to travel, love to discover? We can sell you the best hints in how to enjoy moments that will become a lifetime love!


So close and so beautiful… Austria has a lot to offer to each kind of traveler : from the Sound of Music with the story of Von Trapp family to the Zoo of Schonbrunn for children; ski, hiking and water sports on the lakes in the mountains for the active travelers; Vienna with Hofburg and the Opera for the cultural traveler or Grinzing for people that just want to have fun. Austria is the country you will love for ever.


Possessing one of the most breathtaking and beautiful histories in the world, France is one of the most attractive destinations, having to offer more than you can ever imagine: ones of the most beautiful villages in the world (like Saint Cirq Lapopie sau Rocamadour); cities like Toulouse or Paris; Normandy with Mont Saint Michelle or the Alps with its impressing number of ski resorts: Courchevel, Val d’Isere, Val Thorens or Chamonix.

United States of America

A country big and diverse as a Continent, world famous for : Alaska with its glaciers and wild life, Utah and its Monument Valley; LA with Hollywood, Universal Studios and Disney World; Miami and New York or Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park or more traditional USA with cowboys and legends of the farms in Texas and the carnival Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Unites States of America gets easy to the heart of each traveler with the ability to make you dream big and also with making dreams true.


Music, rom and good mood … Cuba, Cuba, Cuba. Once you land in Cuba you feel the warm Caribbean air and the warm spirit of the people that life for music and fun. The atmosphere of the colorful Caribbean spirit, the old colonial houses, the cars that become a symbol of Cuba and salsa or cha cha cha singers put up together the perfect formula for the perfect holiday.


Situated in South East Asia, Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries for tourists, with attractions as:: Ha Long Bay(picture), Saigon, the magnificent Mekong Delta, the capital Hanoi with its combination of tall modern buildings and traditional architecture. Vietnam is the perfect destination both for sea and culture lovers.


The Great Chinese Wall, the Terracotta Army, Ming Tombs and Panda bears, colorful lanterns and the Chinese New Year… they all do a perfect mixture to bring joy to all 5 senses. China is a shopping paradise but also the home of one of oldest civilizations on Earth. Absolutely fascinating, isn’t it ?

South Africa

To see the Big 5 is the dream of any Africa traveler : the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the rhino and the leopard. Running in safaris after seeing as many animals as possible brings enthusiasm and adrenaline to whole family. Experience nature, culture, unique food all in one place : South Africa!


Short said: Love at first sight! Indonesia is probably one of the most beautiful experiences that a traveler could live. We recommend Jakarta and Yogyakarta with the temples Borubudur and Prambanan,Bali with its rice fields, temples and beaches, Sulawesi with its villages presented in TV documentaries, Sumatra with its tigers.

Transoceanic Cruises

Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation…. This is most probably the chorus of a song that tells the story of a transoceanic cruise. So what do you choose: Transpacific or Transatlantic ?

Cruises in Europe, Americas and Asia

Visiting more countries and cities in one week couldn’t be easier that on a cruise: you don’t have to unpack, pack, carry luggage from one place to another. You just have to do it once and then enjoy!

Thematic Cruises

Are you Disney or Irish mucis fans? Thematic cruises started being very popular because they offer a large variety of thematic from musical cruises, scientific cruises to cruising with your favorite cartoon characters.

River Cruises

Ever wanted to cruise the Danube, Rin, Volga, Mississippi, Amazon, Nil or Mekong Rivers. Now it is so easy to do this and in the same time discover the beautiful cities and landscapes through which they pass.

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